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KRS: 0000514018
NIP: PL6762479010 / 6762479010
REGON: 123191677
Postal address: Attn: MAXIMUM ul. Torfowa 2, Kraków 30-384, Poland
Telephone: +48 663 650 055

Cooperation with small businesses

Send your inquire and contact details to us:


Would you like to offer your work for sale through Pedroso Sp. z o. o.?

• Register with the online bookstore to examine system features and customer possibilities, such as: choice of shipping companies, receipt preparation, internal messaging, login history, multiple sessions detection, password/ code resetting, cart options and document retrieval.
• Customer registration in the database of Pedroso Sp. z o. o. is not mandatory.
• Immediate (VAT) invoicing.
• Payment methods for customers:
1. Secure card payment processing for VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB, POLCARD. VISA Electron, if the issuing bank allows it.
2. Cash on delivery (in Poland).
3. Bank transfers.
4. Direct deposit.
• Submit and update descriptions, images and videos to be posted on the individual product’s page. Slide show available by default.
• As soon as an order is placed, you are notified of all its parameters.
• SMS services.
• Free, speedy and secure pickup and national/ international delivery by companies professionally engaged in logistics (*). Online tracking of shipments.
• Weekly or monthly settlement, competitive commission.
• Quality of web hosting services will improve. Increasing number of visitors (worldwide). To test online bookkeeping, please log in as entrepreneur, with ID Polishartist2 and password test4.
• All participating parties must abide by the “Terms and conditions” listed on

(*) Warehousing services not provided.

Your publicity at Pedroso Sp. z o. o.?

• Minimum size of banners with optional links to sources (px):
• 183x145 (sidebar).
• 209x85 (elsewhere).
• Placement options:
• sidebar (always visible).
• any section of the bookstore.
• “main”.
• “other products”.
• “links”.

From 20 Euros (84 Pln) per month.

Web visibility.

• was launched in July, 2014. Site currently developing.
• Permanent sidebar link pointing to from three domains, which are returned as first page-results for direct/ thematic queries (such as “cosmic troops”, “artime”, “biosatellites”, bookstores in Talinn”) on most search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Aol, Baidu). Consistent joint site statistics since December 2013 indicate plausible: approximately three hundred visitors per day.
• Unofficial public references to above-mentioned sites by employees of powerful federal institutions of the Russian Federation, the United States of America and by three country presidents. From their hosting servers: hundreds of thousands of emails sent during more than three years (in peace and war) to bookstores in Europe and the United States, national media of numerous countries and international organizations.

What products and services may be considered?

• Books and essays on Sociology, Exact Sciences, Corporate lobbying and Church - State relations in English, Spanish or Russian, either printed or in electronic format (password required to open copy-protected file).
• Translations to/from Polish, English, Russian, Estonian, Spanish.
• Artwork/ craftsmanship.
• ... open to other ideas.

Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.